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Career Search Readiness


Resume/Cover Letter Services

Let the SHRMJC career readiness team help you put together your on-paper branding. One of the most critical pieces of your search will be your ability to market yourself through your resume, including how to include key words in your resume that can be scanned into applicant tracking systems, which will increase your chances to get an interview.


Job Searching/Self Sourcing

When starting a search, one of the most intimidating things can be finding the right role and then how to apply. We can help you use technology to simplify your search and maximize your opportunities.



Congratulations! You’ve made it through the initial review and now you are scheduled for an interview. Let us help you prepare how to demonstrate your proficiency for the job and why you are the "must-have" candidate for the role. This will include preparation for phone interviews, in-person and video on-demand interviewing.


Branding/Social Media

A lot of today’s job connections and mobility are started with your social media presence. Being able to attract potential strategic partners and future employers is a key part of your job search and ultimately securing your next role. Let us help you craft your message and construct your social media brand.


To set up an appointment to speak with one of the So You Think You're Ready team, please send inquiries to: