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Why Volunteer

Become a SHRMJC Volunteer and Make a Difference

As an HR professional you know – maybe more than most – the drive and self motivation it takes to excel in a competitive environment. Through volunteering with SHRMJC, you can contribute to the HR Profession, share professional knowledge, connect with like-minded HR professionals, gain insight on HR practices and make an impact!

10 Reasons to Volunteer Now with SHRMJC:

  1. Opportunity to give back to the SHRMJC organization and to the HR Profession.
    The most common reason why members volunteer with SHRMJC is the desire to help others, create a better association and give back to the HR Profession. Without its many volunteers, SHRMJC could not meet its mission and would not exist. We depend on volunteers who are new to the career through post-retirement. We have so much to gain from the wide array of ideas and skills!

  2. Enjoy the professional benefits of Volunteering.
    Volunteers want to connect their volunteer work with opportunities in their professional work lives. Volunteering allows you to meet, work and socialize with others in your profession. Volunteers state that there is a strong connection between the number of hours volunteering with increased satisfaction as they view it as something that has made them a better HR professional. And of course, volunteering looks fantastic on a resume!

  3. Demonstrates your engagement and passion for the HR Profession.
    Volunteering is one way to show your interest and engagement in the HR profession. It allows volunteers to gain a broad understanding of the profession by allowing a wide choice of volunteer options... from a broad leadership role to a more specific role focusing on one aspect of HR.

  4. Expand your professional HR network and make new friends.
    Gain new connections that may help you in your career. Develop close friends from volunteer experiences. Volunteerism allows you to focus on informally connecting with others, building upon your ability for form and maintain relationships.

  5. Find your next HR role or fill a current HR opening.
    Your expanded network will prove to be invaluable in helping you find new opportunities and even fill ones that you are working on for your Employer. You can connect with others that can help you get your foot in the door at a place where you would like to work!

  6. Widen your perspectives and increase your diversity.
    Volunteering bridges a gap between people who wouldn't normally come across each other in their daily lives. Volunteerism allows you to gain a new appreciation on issues, practices, policies and perspectives.

  7. Be an informal mentor to others.
    Take advantage of informal opportunities to create mentor relationships. Help others with workplace problems; provide coaching and help generate solutions to problems.

  8. Focus on opportunities that are on your Development Plan.
    Learn more about a particular topic or area of HR; exercise skills that are unused or where you need further experience such as leadership and/or presentation skills. Other skills gained may include: change management, increasing communication skills, financial expertise, project management, influencing, speaking in front of groups, organizational skills, conflict resolution, managing people, negotiation and comprise skills.

  9. Pass along the benefits to your Employer!
    There are many great benefits that employers experience as a result of their employees volunteering for SHRMJC. Many of them include: relevant skill development, increased loyalty, increased confidence level, expanded professional network across the profession and industries, exposure to successful and best practices from other companies.

  10. Celebrate in style; get SHRMJC volunteer benefits as a Thank You for what you do!
    As a SHRMJC volunteer, you are treated with utmost respect for what you do. As a Thank You, SHRMJC gives you meeting discounts and the opportunity to be specially recognized in the SHRMJC newsletter as volunteer of the quarter.  You are also eligible for the Volunteer of the Year Award!